Entry #1

Back after 2 Years

2008-12-04 23:59:56 by mikegupta

So I joined this site over 2 years ago, but then I got kidnapped by Vietnamese rebels and sold to China for slave labor. It was a funny experience, but I guess you had to be there to get the joke.

Anyway, I am relaunching my cartoon series, Living Causes Death and will have new cartoons here on a regular basis!

Thank You all non-douchebags!


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2008-12-05 00:17:49

*%u0265%u0183no%u0254 %u0265%u0183no%u0254* %u02D9s%u0279%u0250%u01DD%u028E %u01DD%u0279o%u026F o%u028D%u0287 %u0279o%u025F %u01DD%u028C%u0250%u01DDl %u0287,uop no%u028E %u01DDdo%u0265 %u0131 pu%u0250 %u029E%u0254%u0250q %u01DD%u026Fo%u0254l%u01DD%u028D s%u028E%u0250%u028D%u028Eu%u0250 %u02D9suosd%u026F%u0131s %u01DD%u0265%u0287 %u026Fo%u0279%u025F %u0287%u0250%u0265%u0287 %u029Eoo%u0287 no%u028E lol


2008-12-05 00:18:59

woah...sorry about that. i was trying out something that made my letters upside down...obviously it didnt work...anyways i no u took that from the simpsons and i hope you dont leave for 2 more years.

mikegupta responds:

Haha I am glad you got that reference! Armand Tanzarian LOL.